One of the ministries  of the Ladies Guild is our Sewing Group.  Its purpose is to provide mission quilts, which are shipped all over the world to those in need.  Quilts are created by sewing shares of fabric together to form a top.  Quilt bottoms are generally whole pieces of fabric.  A fluffy filler is sandwiched between the top and bottom and the resulting quilt is sewn together.  
In its usefulness, this quilt can not only be a shield against the elements but can also server as a small tent or a room divider within a tent, a floor covering, or even as a baby carrier!
The sewing Group meets at 10:00 AM on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month,  You don’t have know how to sew to join!  There is plenty of cutting, pinning and assembling to do, too.  And as the old saying goes, many hands can make light work!  We also greatly appreciate donations of materials for quilting.  We accept and gently used cotton or flannel fabrics, and sheets are particularly appreciated to form the quilt backs.  Its’s a great way to repurpose to help those in need!